Transcription Services

With more than 5000 transcription specialists around the world, Zelux Media provides fast and accurate transcription services in more than 25 languages. Each specialist is required to pass our rigorous test before working for Zelux Media. Our system guarantees that there are no transcripts done by voice recognition software. We use our advanced technology to streamline the process and detect machine transcription.

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99% Accuracy

high accuracy

 Every transcript needs to be completely accurate. At Zelux Media, the accuracy is the basis for us to develop and maintain our professional transcription services. Each specialist is required to deal easily with simple shoptalk and technical terms.  In addition, we also assign multiple transcribers to detect transcription errors after transcribing your audios/videos. If you are looking for a high-accuracy transcript, Zelux Media is your number-one choice.

Fast Turnaround

fast turnaround  

Using the most advanced technology, we can assign multiple transcribers to work together on the same project, which allows us to reduce transcription time and maintain the highest level of quality as possible.

Transcription Process

transcription process

1. Transcription: 

Our advanced technology splits your file into shorter segments and delivers them to appropriate specialists. Multiple transcription specialists start working together on your project as fast as possible.

2. Review:

All short segments are checked for errors and corrected by other specialists.

3. Quality Check:

All short segments are combined and carefully checked by our experts to verify the accuracy is 99% or more. The transcript is formatted and delivered to the client if this criterion is met. If the accuracy is lower than 99%, the transcript keeps alternating between Review and Quality Check steps until the quality standard is achieved.