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Zelux Media is one of the most reliable companies to provide both open captions and closed captions in over 25 languages. Our captioning specialists are native speakers of the language spoken in the video and highly experienced in captioning. We accept various video formats and all deliverable closed caption file types.

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99% Accuracy

The most important rule of captioning is accuracy. To protect this rule, we have recruited a professional captioning team containing over 7000 experienced specialists from around the world. Each of them is required not just to properly transcribe with perfect time coded scripts, but to have a wide range of knowledge about technical terms used in various fields. We assign at least two captioning specialists to review all captions before delivering to customers.

High Speed

Turnaround time mainly depends on the number of specialists working in parallel. With the most advanced technology, we can assign multiple captioning specialists to work simultaneously on the same project. We can deliver captions within 12 hours for video length under 30 minutes.

Captioning Process

captioning process

We streamline the captioning process to eliminate all delays and maintain the highest level of quality.

1. Captioning:

Our advanced technology splits your file into shorter segments and delivers them to appropriate specialists. Multiple captioning specialists start working together on your project as fast as possible.

2. Review:

All short segments are checked for errors and corrected by other specialists.

3. Quality Check:

All captions are carefully checked by our experts to verify the captioning accuracy is 99% or more. The captions are formatted and delivered to the client if this criterion is met. If the accuracy is lower than 99%, all captions keep alternating between Review and Quality Check steps until the quality standard is achieved.