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Translation services

Zelux Media is a leading provider of translation services. Our team of in-house translators and professional linguists can deliver high-quality translations to you within a few hours. Our dedicated team aims to improve global communication, while reducing its cost and turnaround time. Here at Zelux Media, you can launch your project in more than 80 languages, which is used by the most people in the world. Translation quality mainly depends on translator quality, so we have rigorously chosen the best translators from thousands of professionals. Learn more about our translation services.

Subtitling Services

Zelux Media provides foreign language subtitling services to help you access a wider audience. We work with a global network of professional subtitle translators, who have experience in subtitling. Our in-house project managers and translators undergo intensive training before starting working on our network. Not just translation, our native subtitle translators understand that the most important rule of their job is localization. We accept more than 25 languages and a wide range of subtitle file formats. Learn more about our subtitling services.

Video Captioning Services

Zelux Media provides both closed captions and open captions to major global broadcasters. Our language specialists manually transcribe your video along with proper timecode thanks to our advanced technology. All our captioning specialists are native speakers of the source language and highly experienced in captioning, which allows us to provide high-quality captions only. As always, our quality is guaranteed, so you can request corrections if you find a few small mistakes. Learn more about our video captioning services.

Transcription Services

Zelux Media also specializes in providing transcription services at a competitive price. Most of our transcriptionists have years of professional experience, which means they have a wide range of knowledge about industry terminology. We transcribe market research, interviews, group discussions, podcasts, meeting, court cases, medical content, and more. Learn more about our transcription services.